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Small group leaders—ever struggled to have deeper and more meaningful conversations with your group and desperately scoured the Internet to find better handles on how to lead? We know it can be nerve-wrecking to have candid conversations from ground zero. So as part of the launch of Joseph Prince’s latest young adults resource, Anchored, we’ve created these special resources (the Conversations card set and Encouragements verse set) to help your group break the ice and encourage one another in the Lord. Download these free resources below!

Week 2 activity: 
using the
Conversations Card SEt

While life isn’t meant to be done alone, sometimes the question “How are you?” can feel daunting to answer honestly (as talked about in Day 9 of Anchored). Let this activity open the door for you and your group to answer this question together in a safe space, with picture cards as fun conversation-starters. Trusting that you and your friends will get to know one another better through this activity, and pray for one another as well!

Conversations card set

Week 3 Activity:
Using the
encouragements verse SEt

Although most of us look fine on the outside, everyone’s going through something. This week’s activity comes with Bible verses that address many areas of life (e.g. career, health, relationships). It will give you and your group a safe space to share about your lives and declare the truth of God’s promises over one another. Believing that everyone will leave with their hearts anchored afresh in the Lord’s love, grace, and peace.

download encouragements
verse set

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