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7-Day Challenge

7 Days.
7 People.
7 Words of Encouragement.

When was the last time you asked someone, “How are you?”, and really, genuinely, wanted to know the answer to that question?

Today, we want to challenge you to pray and ask God for the names of 7 people to send an encouraging thought to—one for each of the next 7 days.

They could be people whom you know are going through a visibly hard time, or friends who seem totally okay on the outside, but God is placing them on your heart to send them a word—though you don’t fully know what they might be struggling with inside.

We’ve provided a collection of beautiful GIFs and static images below for you to choose from, download, and forward to 7 people over the next 7 days.

Join us as we remind ourselves—and one another—to #stayanchored to the Lord, be it in the highs or lows of life!

download Graphics

On desktop: Right-click and select "Save image as" to download image.
On mobile: Press and hold to save image to your Photos.

Send it off to your friends via text as an encouragement today!

#stayanchored in any storm

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